Positive Choice Soccer

Elementary school aged youth build character through soccer training. Programming develops desired character traits for future employment, gets kids physically active, and fosters interaction between kids from different backgrounds.

Life Works

Formerly the School of Life, our Life Works program prepares teenagers for future economic independence through hands-on learning activities and employment experience. It has been successful, but we are only scratching the surface in terms of overall need and depth of service. It is our goal moving forward to expand the reach of our programming while increasing the sustainability of our impact and opportunities provided to our participants.



Street Cups and Other Youth Events

One-day soccer tournaments and clinics that provide a canvas for youth to display the lessons learned in our other programs and develop conflict resolution skills.

What I learned in Soccer in the Streets was that you need a hard work ethic to achieve your goals and dreams in life. I constantly give it my all in my games and practice and I have tried to translate that hard work ethic into everything in my life.
— Isaac F.
Many of my old friends are now behind the line because they did drugs, they did gangs, they skipped school. I started playing soccer and I stayed away from them, I couldn’t hang out with them anymore.
— Julio G.
Refereeing is my job right now while I’m in college. I learned how to network and work with different aspects of the game, like being a referee liaison and a coach through Soccer in the Streets.
— Alex V.

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