Positive-Choice Soccer uses soccer as a medium for educating kids to create a more positive life for themselves by matching important life skills with accompanying soccer skills. Specific character traits are emphasized throughout the program to prepare the kids for success on and off the field. The idea for Positive-Choice came from the discussion about what is lacking in youth development programs. Kids are given so many “DON’T” messages, like “Don’t Do Drugs”, “Don’t Smoke”, “Don’t Join Gangs”, and so on. This program is based on giving kids “DO” messages. “Do get an education”, “Do find role models and mentors”, “Do participate in healthy outlets, like sports”, and the list goes on.

Soccer in the Streets chooses to emphasize the great potential in this next generation, as evidenced by their natural technological savvy, their energy and creativity, their resiliency and intelligence, their diversity and great capacity for caring and love, encouraging them to reach that potential and channel it towards a positive and successful outcome.

The program focuses on elementary school aged children and serves as a foundation for our programming going forward. The selected character traits we emphasize through Positive-Choice serve as the five pillars of our programming: Respect. Teamwork. Perseverance. Tolerance. Sportsmanship.

Trained coaches and junior assistants will conduct the sessions on a weekly basis. Our coaches are trained using US Soccer Federation courses, supplemented with quarterly in-service workshops to enhance their expertise. Staff coaches will be assisted by youth peer mentors from our School of Life program who will serve as “junior coaches” and role models for their younger peers, while learning valuable lessons themselves.

Sessions are at least 90 minutes, with a minimum of 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity included. The goal is to produce both technically proficient soccer players and self reliant youth. The five pillars of our programming will be infused into the soccer training on a regular basis, illustrated through soccer activities, “teachable moments” and related “stand-up” discussions.

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