Success in Schools

Soccer in the Streets encourages participation in school-based teams and putting in the academic work to maintain athletic eligibility. By increasing personal connection with the school, players decrease the likelihood of dropping out.


Positive Choice and League play

Throughout each season, schools that participate in Positive Choice Soccer will have weekly training sessions and game days to practice and showcase the lessons they learn.

Along with Positive Choice programming in school-based settings, Soccer in the Streets also provides support middle schools in the Atlanta Public Schools leagues.

Coaching Development

We will provide U.S. Soccer coaching education to faculty and staff in schools where we directly program. The focus is to share U.S. Soccer’s best practices in creating a fun, activity-centered, and age-appropriate environment.



Physical Education Outreach

We work with our certified coaches to come out to the schools and assist physical education teachers with incorporating soccer into their usual curriculum.



Licensed coaches visit individual schools’ Field Days and provide students with an authentic soccer experience. Field Days show students of every experience level how fun the game can be.



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