• Assistant School Coach

    • A 6-8 week commitment assisting the school head coach with two days of a soccer per week. Help with soccer practice and games as well as being a role model and mentor for players. Must pass a background check. (Sign up here)

  • Field Marshall/Setup/Cleanup - Someone needed to help set up fields, manage during games, direct teams, coaches, refs, parents, etc, and cleanup and teardown fields when done. Saturday's for 10 weeks. Early morning to early afternoon. (Sign up here)

  • School Game-Day Referee

    • A 3-4 week commitment with 6v6 games every other week. Must stress the importance of good sportsmanship, the rules of the game, and provide a safe space to play. Referees do not need to be certified but need to have a good understanding of the game. Must pass a background check. (Sign up here)

  • Mentors

    • This would be a month to possible year long commitment. Teaching job skills or helping with higher education goals. (Sign up here)

  • Workshop Leaders:

    • Grow the kids with financial, education and employment goals. This would be a one time session leader job. (Sign up here)            

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