Now, APS' Children Are "All About Soccer"

(ATLANTA, OCT 7th, 2016) - Last Friday, Dunbar Elementary School hosted Friday Game Day as part of SitS' new Atlanta Public School Program. Students from Dunbar, M.A. Jones, and F.L. Stanton were able to show off their newly acquired soccer skills in front of the parents and faculty members that came out to enjoy the good weather and the competitive game sessions. 

The APS Program, run by SitS' Director of Coaching and Education, Lauren Desmond, began in the beginning of September. Desmond explained that the majority of the participants had no prior exposure to soccer yet are already showing signs of improvement and understanding of the game.

SitS had the opportunity to speak with many of the APS parents and fans. Lauren Sharipo, a Dunbar 5th grade teacher, passionately cheered for her students from the sidelines. Sharipo expressed her gratitude for the program, explaining that students are responding well to SitS’ initiative: “It’s a reward for them. If you’re doing well in school, making good grades, they get to play this game. They love it. It’s causing them to work harder, keeping them way more focused.”

Jared Raheem, watched on proudly as his son’s team took the lead. “I can see the excitement on his face. That’s all I come for,” said Raheem. He added, “Kids are better all around when you don’t keep them in a box. I want my child to experience the same things every other child gets to experience.” Raheem and other parents explained the need for the APS program as soccer is not generally accessible in their neighborhoods. SitS plans on expanding the program to reach as many APS students as possible.

The beautiful game is here to stay...