How international experiences like Festival 16 impact young adults

ATLANTA — This summer’s Festival 16 brought together 500 players and coaches for a crash course in international culture and soccer from streetfootballworld, French hosts Sport dans la Ville, and peers representing 80 like-minded organizations.

Here’s what Destinee, Ler, and Lionel — the three players from Soccer in the Streets’ delegation — took away from the international travel experience, which included a week in Lyon and a stop in Amsterdam on the return leg.

What did you think about France?

Destinee: France connected me with a bunch of people around the world. France was a beautiful place. It was especially pretty at night. I didn’t enjoy the breakfast everyday, because it was very little to choose from. Visiting the church was also a great experience, because the upper side of France was very beautiful and unique. I enjoyed going out after getting back to the hotel to make food runs. The pizza was very good.

Ler: I think that France is a really wonderful place. It is really, really awesome. When I first arrived to Lyon, I was stunned because the city is amazing. I was very happy.

Lionel: When we first arrived in France, I was very happy because I made a lot of friends. They were brothers and sisters to me.

Do you think international travel has helped you grow as a person?

Destinee: Yes. It helped me open my eyes and see how different foreign places are from the United States.

Ler: The international travel helped me a lot, like for example you have to be early and on time. It is all about time management.

Lionel: Yes, my time management and always being on time.

What are the top five reasons that make international experiences so important for young adults?


  1. Broaden perspectives
  2. Teach cultural differences
  3. Teach about the importance of peace
  4. Give children a chance to see more than their city or the states
  5. To get the stamps on the passports =)


  1. Experience other cultures
  2. Learn new things and ideas
  3. Make new friends
  4. Help develop travel experience
  5. Have fun while traveling


  1. Be on time
  2. Following all the rules for the games
  3. Having fun while playing football
  4. Learn new things from others
  5. Meeting new friends and getting to know about the culture

Where is a place you would want to visit and why?

Destinee: Jamaica. I would want to visit there because I’ve only heard about how beautiful it is. I would love to actually see it.

Ler: Australia because I want to go see the kangaroos and other animals.

Lionel: France again. I would want to visit because my grandmother and uncle lived there and told me it’s a peaceful place.