Clarkston FC: Let's Make Their Dream a Reality

Clarkston FC: Let's Make Their Dream a Reality

An unlikely story. CFC goes undefeated!

This isn’t your average community. And it certainly isn’t your average club soccer team. 

Clarkston is located in Metro Atlanta and it’s been referred to as, “the most diverse square mile in America,” by Time Magazine. In the time Soccer in the Streets has been around, Clarkston has welcomed more than 40,000 refugees from over fifty countries around the world. 

Clarkston FC is a boys team that’s part of Soccer in the Streets’ Community Program, and they have an incredible opportunity to represent their community and state at Regionals this summer.

But we need your help to make it happen.

Clarkston's community program is a direct result of tournaments like ATL Champions League where extraordinary people register to play & raise money to provide these programs at no cost to the kids or their families. 

The players range from 16 to 18 years old. But unlike other high-priced clubs, these players do not have the same resources to travel, spend several nights in a hotel, or buy meals on the road just so they can compete on the pitch.

That’s why we need your help now!

Click to give now!

Click to give now!

Will you donate to send Clarkston FC on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Regionals this summer and create more life-changing opportunities like this? Please kick in what you can to help us reach our goal by June 3rd.

Last fall, Clarkston went undefeated to claim the State Division II Championship, earning an invitation to compete at the highest level in their division. Now we’re bringing people together to make a real difference by raising the funds needed to send this team on a life-changing experience that will help shape them for years to come. And you can help in a meaningful way right now. 

Please contribute to make their dream a reality now! No amount is too big (or small!) to make a difference.

Every dollar you raise or donate will help us cover things like meals, transportation and hotel rooms. You’ll help ensure that every kid in our program has access to the beautiful game and a committed coach to positively influence them both as players and young adults. 

CFC at practice

CFC at practice

Unfortunately, facing adversity is nothing new for these players. Due to the political and social climate in their respective countries, most of them arrived in the United States after receiving refugee status. These teenagers and their families experienced a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. 

Coach Abdul reminds us that their challenges didn’t stop when they arrived in the United States.

“Arriving in a country where you have no friends, the language is different, the food is different, and the way of life is different. These are some challenges these kids face," said Coach Abdul. “Thankfully, through soccer, we all speak and understand the same language,"

Please contribute what you can and share this story with your colleagues, family & friends to help spread the word.

Together, we can generate enough support to make their dreams a reality and not only send this team to Regionals but create more life-changing opportunities for all of the kids in our programs.

For reference, you can see a breakdown of some of our costs below:

  • Rooms : 10 rooms x $150/night x 5 days = $7,500    
  • Food & drinks (estimate): $30/day/person. Maximum $30/day x 24 people x 5 days = $3,600
  • Van Rental: Estimated at $1,500
  • Coach Fees:  $600 each = $1,200
  • Gas, Parking fees, laundry, misc = $1,000
  • Total Estimate: $14,800