February StationSoccer Partner Highlight

TransFormation Alliance

Soccer in the Streets is proud of our partners that help impact the communities we serve. This month we are highlighting the Transformation Alliance who has worked with us in the West End since 2017.

TransFormation Alliance    Managing Director,   Odetta MacLeish-White

TransFormation Alliance

Managing Director, Odetta MacLeish-White

  • Why did TFA partner with Soccer in the Streets?

"We needed to build out our health partnership. Our Senior planner, Marisa Ghani, with the Atlanta Regional Commission and TFA's program manger heard about StationSoccer at Five Points MARTA and encouraged us to learn more," said Mac-Leish White."I had met Sanjay Patel, the Director of Strategic Projects, and soon realized the StationSoccer concept was an incredible real-world platform to explain how race, climate and health outcomes are intertwined."

  • What are some of the current outcomes of the partnership?

"We were happy to write a letter of support for grants that track health outcomes in the program, and are excited to support all the community serving initiatives that can live in a StationSoccer model - classrooms, health screenings, improved community safety, community gardens for health food, and perhaps most importantly a public space that is truly safe for families of color to enjoy fully," said Mac-Leish White.

  • What does it mean to you, to be apart of the organization?

"After being a partner now for 3 years with Soccer in the Streets, TFA is proud to be apart of such an empowering organization," said Mac-Leish White. "StationSoccer is tangible, visible, and deeply pleasurable - this makes it an essential tool in explaining what TransFormation Alliance does to others. To be able to take people to a physical location and show them how race, climate, and health can be operationalized in a programmatic strategy is invaluable."