Homeless Soccer Tournament a Great Success

The tournament, played at Station Soccer in MARTA Five Points, was hosted by ‘The Aspire Group’ in partnership with ‘Soccer in the Streets’ 

With 25 participants and dozens more supporting and volunteering, The Aspire Group and Soccer in the Streets hosted the 1st Homeless Soccer Tournament at 'Station Soccer -Five Points'. The event was part of Soccer in the Streets' Homeless Soccer Program, a continuous effort by the Atlanta-based non-profit to target one of the major social issues found in the metro area. The Aspire Group was instrumental to Soccer in the Streets’ initiative to reach out and integrate young adults – currently without a home –with positive activities.

Digital assets of the tournament found here.

“Everyone at Soccer in the Streets is thrilled to be involved with the homeless soccer program, which in many ways epitomizes the mission of our organization. I would like to thank The Aspire Group for their fabulous support and also Covenant House and Lost-n-Found for engaging their youth so enthusiastically in our weekly sessions at Station Soccer,” said Joe Hall, Soccer in the Streets' Chairman. “The tournament was the culmination of many months’ work by everyone involved and may well be the first step towards a very meaningful program for the City of Atlanta.”  

Thanks to the success of this first event, there is now interest to host a quarterly homeless soccer tournament at Station Soccer. The Soccer in the Streets’ homeless youth program has been running, and will continue to do so, every Friday afternoon at 'Station Soccer'.

"The Aspire Group is proud to support the Atlanta Homeless Soccer League and to underwrite the first ever Homeless Soccer Tournament to be held at the MARTA Five Points pitch," said Bernie Mullin, Chairman and Founder of the Aspire Group. "We are honored to partner with Soccer in the Streets on this much-needed initiative. Having had several of our staff, including myself, attend the practices leading up to the tournament, our hearts are warmed to see how much fun these young people are having and the teamwork they are building among themselves.”

Since its inception in early February, the homeless program has provided an outlet for teenagers to build a community, finding a sense of belonging that is very difficult to provide given their circumstances. The program affords both youth and adults a safe space to get involved in healthy activities, focusing on positive engagement with other young adults their age.