Impact Day

Impact Day is defined as a day for collaborating with an outside organization and giving back to the community. A group of more than 50 Deloitte employees spent their 2019 Impact Day helping to improve our Clarkston FC facilities and teaching our youth how to prepare for a successful job interview. 

Deloitte, a consulting company that works with many of the world’s most admired brands, has been involved with Soccer in the Streets for two years as the top fundraiser for the Corporate Cup.  

Impact Day consisted of two sessions. The morning consisted of a significant amount of manual labor. Deloitte volunteers cleared weeds and vines that had overtaken one side of the Clarkston pitch, they assembled the new bench they donated, and they repainted the field house where soccer equipment and other program assets are stored.  After several hours of hard work, Deloitte treated some 80 members of Clarkston FC to lunch at their beautified home field. 

Following lunch, the afternoon session involved 42 high-school aged Clarkston FC players working with Deloitte volunteers to conduct a workshop on how to prepare for a job interview.  Job readiness is an important part of Soccer in the Streets. The organization focuses on soccer development along with leadership skills. 

Kisean Smith, a Senior Tax Accountant, with Deloitte’s Business Tax Services, led the workshop that covered topics including dressing for success, the importance of making a good first impression, how to prepare for an interview, and how to create a resume. 

Participants received a template to create their own resume and then broke into smaller working groups to conduct mock interviews with members of the Deloitte team. Feedback from the Clarkston FC attendees was overwhelmingly positive…

  • 96% agree or strongly agree they learned important tips on how to dress for a job interview or career fair.

  • 88% feel confident they know how to prepare for a job interview or career fair after attending the workshop.

“It was great to see the immediate impact of our work and be able to meet some of the great kids in the program,” said Deloitte Vice President of Sales Software Solutions, Rebecca Dupree, who led Impact Day. “Many of the youth players had never heard of a resume, and it was empowering to help them think about their futures.” 

Dupree has been a key contributor to Deloitte’s Corporate Cup team, so she’s familiar with Soccer in the Streets. Impact Day gave her the opportunity to, “Introduce more Deloitte employees to Soccer in the Streets with the hope that they stay involved in the future.”

“Deloitte has made a significant impact on our organization through their support of Corporate Cup,” said Soccer in the Streets Volunteer and Event Manager Jessica Charman. “This day was truly special in that it allowed volunteers to personally contribute to our soccer and our leadership programs, which are made possible through fundraising efforts including Corporate Cup.”