NSCAA Newcomer Works to Grow the Game in Atlanta

Lauren Glancy has spent most of her life around soccer fields. 

As a talented youth player, she represented her state and her region in the Olympic Development Program, then went on to lead the University of Georgia to three straight appearances in the NCAA tournament from 2007-2009. 

Upon graduation, Glancy moved into coaching at both the club and high school level before becoming an athletic director at Atlanta Classical Academy. Now she serves as the Director of Coaching and Education for Soccer in the Streets, a non-profit grassroots organization that uses soccer for social change, aiming to transform the lives of thousands of children in the metro Atlanta area. 

“I work primarily with our staff coaches and junior coaches at Soccer in the Streets. My role is to train coaches to implement the curriculum we have developed for the programs,” said Glancy. “The curriculum pairs character development and life skills with soccer lessons. So when you’re working on passing, you’re also working on communication. When you’re working on dribbling, you’re also working on self control.” 


Glancy, who has earned four NSCAA diplomas since joining Soccer in the Streets one year ago, credits the NSCAA for not only playing a pivotal role in her growth as a DOC, but also for ultimately impacting countless other coaches, players and programs that are affiliated with Soccer in the Streets. 

“The NSCAA has totally influenced me as a professional and it has given me the opportunity to pass down knowledge to our coaching staff,” said Glancy. “It’s so important to get the correct information and appropriate approach to our coaches. What I learn through the NSCAA will impact our coaches’ framework, curriculum and delivery, positively influencing the quality of training and education.” 

After starting with the Small-Sided Games online course, Glancy received her Futsal and Goalkeeping Level 1 Diplomas at the NSCAA Convention in Los Angeles, followed by the completion of the NSCAA National Diploma in Gainesville, Georgia. She's also active in the Atlanta United Coach Education Program and an advocate for female leaders in the sport.

Her enthusiasm for learning is an ideal she hopes to instill in the children of all ages involved with Soccer in the Streets’ free training sessions, workshops and other events. 


“When our youth see that they have an opportunity to accomplish great things and have avenues to pursue their dreams, they become much more motivated and focused,” said Glancy. “They see what we’re doing and they want to be like that because they look up to us.” 

That mentorship is a quality she has witnessed herself firsthand through the NSCAA’s network of more than 30,000 coaches at all levels of the game. 

“Through the membership, you get to meet extraordinary people and connect with people who are doing similar work as you,” said Glancy. “They can have an impact on what you’re doing. The membership alone is very valuable in that sense.” 

As a recipient of the Ron McEachen Fund scholarship from the NSCAA Foundation, Glancy will attend the NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma Course in Rome, Georgia this summer. In many ways, the opportunity for Glancy mirrors the opportunities that her work at Soccer in the Streets continues to provide for boys and girls across the Atlanta area – many of whom have never played the sport due to financial barriers. 

“The progress the kids have made just in a year has been really amazing to watch,” said Glancy. “I’m very excited to see where this journey takes me.” 

* Published by NSCAA