School Spring Soccer Has Sprung

With great enthusiasm from teachers, parents, coaches and children, Soccer in the Streets just kicked off their ‘Positive Choice’ soccer season. Thanks to the hard work from our staff, volunteers and donors, we have been able to add more programs sites in comparison to our fall season.

How we make every new program site a success? With something called community ownership and participation. As an organization, we encourage each community to be part of the social impact we bring through soccer. By identifying a minimum of one teacher or community member that knows the kids we are engaging first hand, and developing them into coaches, we maintain a direct link between the community and our programs. We are very intentional when placing our staff coaches, so that the kids feel they have a trusting adult with whom they can build a mentor-mentee relationship.

As part of our program structure, we provide equipment, uniforms and coach support. To be able to appropriately employ our “Positive Choice Curriculum”, coaches receive instruction and guidance. The curriculum has been designed to pair soccer topics with character development, an important aspect of our mission. For example, when teaching shooting and finishing, goal-setting and perseverance lessons are also addressed.


  • Atlanta Public Schools:
    Dunbar Elementary School
    F.L. Stanton Elementary School
    M.A. Jones Elementary School
    Towns Elementary School
    Scott Elementary School
    Westside Atlanta Charter School
    Garden Hills Elementary School

  • Dekalb County Schools:
    Indian Creek Elementary School
    McLendon Elementary School
    Jolly Elementary School

  • Cobb County Schools:
    Belmont Hills Elementary School
    LaBelle Elementary School
    Fair Oaks Elementary School
    Green Acres Elementary School.