Soccer in the Streets creates young leaders

who live rich lives and cultivate healthy communities.

Our organization serves in a holistic and comprehensive way, reaching kids on the field, in small-group classroom sessions, through hands-on experiences and activities, and participation in youth leadership councils. We are extremely efficient, making great use of the resources we’ve been given to achieve the mission.

What I learned in Soccer in the Streets was that you need a hard work ethic to achieve your goals and dreams in life. I constantly give it my all in my games and practice and I have tried to translate that hard work ethic into everything in my life
— Isaac F.
Many of my old friends are now behind the line because they did drugs, they did gangs, they skipped school. I started playing soccer and I stayed away from them, I couldn’t hang out with them anymore.
— Julio G.
Refereeing is my job right now while I’m in college. I learned how to network and work with different aspects of the game, like being a referee liaison and a coach through Soccer in the Streets
— Alex V.