Positive-Choice Soccer uses soccer as a medium for educating kids to create a more positive life for themselves by matching important life skills with accompanying soccer skills. Specific character traits are emphasized throughout the program to prepare the kids for success on and off the field. The idea for Positive-Choice came from the discussion about what is lacking in youth development programs. Kids are given so many “DON’T” messages, like “Don’t Do Drugs”, “Don’t Smoke”, “Don’t Join Gangs”, and so on. This program is based on giving kids “DO” messages. “Do get an education”, Do find role models and mentors”, “Do participate in healthy outlets, like sports”, and the list goes on.

The program focuses on elementary school aged children and serves as a foundation for our programming going forward. The selected character traits we emphasize through Positive-Choice serve as the five pillars of our programming: Respect. Teamwork. Perseverance. Tolerance. Sportsmanship.

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Soccer Specific Skills

When teaching soccer specific skills, players follow an initial path focused on technical development, and as proficiency is developed, tactical elements are introduced. Proficiency is important to ensure that the player has acquired the skills to support their development at the next stage of the curriculum.

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Character Development

Once children are involved in positive activities which not only teach soccer skills, but also character attributes such as respect, self-discipline, perseverance, social confidence, and positive identity, they are less likely to become involved with the negative influences in their neighborhoods. Their accomplishments, in turn, foster higher self-esteem and further promote constructive lifestyles.

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Fitness & Health

The physical aspect of the game is included in training in an economical way. We will build a balance, agility, coordination, and spatial awareness foundation in each participant before progressing to aerobic and anaerobic base building. Our goal is to keep the youth players active in a positive way.

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Life Works

Life Works was created to establish career readiness amongst youth participants, preparing them with the concrete skills needed to stand out in a competitive marketplace and ultimately succeed. In addition, the program focuses on decreasing at-risk behaviors. This is done by providing a safe and inclusive environment for growth, along with a consistent presence and trusting relationship with coaches and mentors. It is the goal of the Life Works program to combine all of these aspects and create a sustainable livelihood for youth participants.

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