Spotlight: Toussaint McClure


Profile: Toussaint McClure
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
College Experience: NCAA Division I – Providence College
Position: Community Program Manager

To commemorate Black History Month, Soccer in the Streets’ spotlight introduces Toussaint McClure, Community Program Manager. Toussaint has been with Soccer in the Streets for nine months now, leaving his footprint both on and off the field. His strongest assets are drive and dedication. It has come to no surprise that Toussaint has become a role model to many of the kids the organization works with.

As a Program Manager at Soccer in the Streets, Toussaint funnels kids into community programming, coordinating practice sessions and game schedules. He also engages parents, community leaders, and volunteers in order to gather local buy-in and support. His role is instrumental in establishing a workable framework for each community; enabling Soccer in the Streets to become part of the local fiber.

“I try my hardest, along with Soccer in the Streets’ community coaches, to create an environment for the kids that coincides with the four values and philosophy our organization was founded upon respect, perseverance, empowerment, and enjoyment,” said McClure.

Toussaint’s duties stretch over 10 locations, which include community programs in Atlanta’s Westside, a predominantly African American community.

“This community has traditionally been basketball and football dominant. Soccer adds a lot of value to communities within the Westside,” Toussaint emphasized. He is convinced that Soccer in the Streets’ efforts on the Westside can help improve some of the health issues affecting its youth.


Toussaint's parents, Shirley Friar and Wesley McClure, worked in higher education for historically African-American Colleges and Universities, including Clark Atlanta University, Lane College, Howard University, and Southern University. His parents’ drive and commitment to the betterment of the African-American community inspired him to further his career.

Born in Washington D.C., Toussaint started playing soccer when he was four years old. Once he moved to Atlanta, his passion for soccer increased. He attended Westminster High School, where he played the beautiful game, later pursuing a college degree from Providence College. After graduating, he moved back to Atlanta hoping to coach, which he has done at the club, junior high, high school and college level.

The passion and determination that Toussaint shows every day comes from a strong soccer background. He has first-hand experience on how the game can have a positive impact on a person’s life on and off the field. His main objective is to pass on his knowledge and life experience on how the beautiful game of soccer can have a significant impact in youth development in Atlanta’s inner city.