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Fall 2019 StationSoccer Adult League registration is NOW OPEN. Seasons are scheduled to begin Oct. 16 & 17. Seasons are 7 weeks long + 8th week playoffs for qualifying teams.

$400 team donation to Soccer in the Streets to participate. If you want to play, but don’t have a team, you can also sign up as a FREE AGENT. We will do our best to find a team for all free agents, but we can’t make any guarantees.

We host Advanced Leagues for competitive players, and Social Leagues for recreational players. Click links for more info.

Click HERE to join our Pick-Up Soccer Meetup group, where you can find all of our Pick-Up times and locations (Adult & Youth).

StationSoccer™ Adult Gameplay Rules

  1. 5 players (4 field players + 1 goalkeeper) on the field at all times

  2. Size 5 ball is used

  3. Kick-ins (not throw-ins) are taken to restart play from sideline out-of-bounds

  4. Balls touching the roof net are considered out of play. Should a ball touch the roof net, an indirect free kick is awarded at the spot of contact.

  5. Substitutions are made "on-the-fly"

  6. No slide-tackling is allowed. Goalkeepers may go to ground to make saves

  7. All out-of-bounds restarts are indirect (sideline kick-ins, net-balls, goal kicks, corner kicks, kick-offs, etc.) All other restarts are direct.

  8. If a player is issued a yellow card, they must sit out for 2 minutes with no substitution allowed. If a player is issued a red card, they are ejected from the game (no substitution allowed) and the game will not resume until they have left the facility.

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