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StationSoccer™ Adult Gameplay Rules

  1. 5 players (including goalkeeper) on the field at all times

  2. Size 5 ball is used

  3. Kick-ins (not throw-ins) are taken to restart play from sideline out-of-bounds

  4. Endline out-of-bounds are played as goal kicks from the penalty area, or corner kicks

  5. Balls touching the roof net are considered out of play. Should a ball touch the net, an indirect free kick is awarded at the spot of contact to the opposite team from the one to touch the ball last

  6. Substitutions are made "on-the-fly"

  7. No slide-tackling is allowed. Goalkeepers may go to ground to make saves

  8. All free kicks are direct, except for side and net out-of-bounds

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