If you're looking for a way to give back to Atlanta's youth, the community, and meet new people we would love for you to join our Playmakers Volunteer team!  

As a growing organization, with big responsibilities and goals, we welcome any one who would like to get involved. Joining our Playmaker team is a great way to lend your time and skills to help keep our programs running for all the children that benefit from them.

We are currently looking for volunteers with the following skills:


  • Assistant School Coach

    • A 6-8 week commitment assisting the school head coach with two days of a soccer per week. Help with soccer practice and games as well as being a role model and mentor for players. Must pass a background check. (Sign up here)

  • Field Marshall/Setup/Cleanup

    • Someone needed to help set up fields, manage during games, direct teams, coaches, refs, parents, etc, and cleanup and teardown fields when done. Saturday's for 10 weeks. Early morning to early afternoon. (Sign up here)

  • School Game-Day Referee

    • A 3-4 week commitment with 6v6 games every other week. Must stress the importance of good sportsmanship, the rules of the game, and provide a safe space to play. Referees do not need to be certified but need to have a good understanding of the game. Must pass a background check. (Sign up here)

  • Mentors

    • This would be a month to possible year long commitment. Teaching job skills or helping with higher education goals. (Sign up here)

  • Workshop Leaders

    • Grow the kids with financial, education and employment goals. This would be a one time session leader job. (Sign up here)            

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Field Administration/Site Manager

  • Field Administration

    • Responsible for ensuring players are registered. Distribution of all uniforms. Schedules, parent Liaison and supports coaches and game day operations. (Sign up here)

  • Site Manager

    • Field Marshall/Setup/Cleanup - Responsible for helping to set up fields, manage during games, direct teams, coaches, refs, parents, etc, and cleanup and teardown fields when done. Saturday's for 10 weeks. Early morning to early afternoon. (Sign up here)

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  • Adult Leagues Field Manager

    • The Soccer in the Streets Adult Leagues Field Manager maintains the physical Station Soccer facility on Adult League game days and makes sure that Adult League participants have a safe and enjoyable experience. The Adult Leagues Field Manager should be very organized, personable, and have great attention to detail. The Adult Leagues Field Manager will arrive early to the field to organize, help orient players and referees to facilitate a smooth game day experience, and close and lock up the field at the end of the engagement. (Sign up here)

    • Special Requirements: Must be 18+ years of age and able to lift 25+ pounds comfortably. 

  • Referees: 

    • We are in need of volunteer referees to officiate our adult league matches, enforce league and pitch rules, and resolve any issues that may arise between players during a match. (Sign up here)

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  • Marketing/Communications Strategy

    • Soccer in the Streets is looking for volunteers with experience or interest in communications, public relations, marketing, or social media to assist with different projects and initiatives in its Development Department. Tasks may include, writing and editing of communications materials, newsletters, press releases, marketing strategy, and social media management to aid our organization in setting specific objectives for each project. (Sign up here)

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  • Web Developer

We are looking for a volunteer web developer to help us maintain and create/design and code websites for our fundraising tournaments and other events. Must have experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, Java Script, MySQL and managing Amazon web services. (Sign up here)

  • Graphic Designer

We are looking for a creative Graphic designer with up-to-date knowledge and creativity to understand project needs. You will work on a variety of products, including websites, flyers, and presentation decks, and social media. (Sign up here)

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  • Soccer in the Streets Brand Ambassador:

    • We are looking for Brand Ambassadors to volunteer at any events run by Soccer in the Streets. Your volunteer role is to represent the organization in a positive light, be energetic, and lend a helping hand at events. (Sign up here)

  • Coordinator/ Production/ Promotion:

    • This role is responsible for collaborating and planning events and promotions to enhance awareness and loyalty around our organization and events. (Sign up here)

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  • Fundraising:

    • Our fundraising volunteer would be in charge of organizing activities to raise funds. They may design and produce promotional materials and also raise awareness of the organization's work, goals, and financial needs. (Sign up here)

  • Food Donation:

    • We have several events year round with our kids as well as with adults for fundraising purposes. We welcome any volunteers who would be willing to help donate food weather it be for snack prep for children’s games to catering a fundraising tournament (Sign up here)

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