What we do

Soccer in the Streets has a vision that all children will have the opportunity to succeed. We pursue leveling the playing field for all, affording access to the sport regardless of race, gender, religion, or socio-economic status. We strive to integrate our communities, intertwining efforts from corporations, education systems, government, non-profits, and community leaders to better the lives of children through soccer. Our organization serves in a holistic and comprehensive way, reaching kids on and off the field, through soccer training and competition, in small-group classroom sessions, through hands-on experiences and activities, and participation in youth leadership councils.


Soccer in the Streets’ philosophy is founded on four values that govern the direction of the organization. The four values are respect, perseverance, enjoyment, and empowerment.  We create a fun and challenging environment where youth have the opportunity to learn and succeed on and off of the soccer field for a lifetime. This opportunity is offered through trusting relationships between players and coaches, who serve as mentors.

Our organization recognizes that an integrated, program-wide curriculum is important for optimal individual-centered development.  Our curriculum is holistic in nature. We are in the business of developing the full individual on and off of the field of play through the medium of soccer by teaching not only soccer-specific skills but also character development and life skills. We are steadily building a pipeline that connects our youngest participants to our oldest. Our curriculum takes into account the technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial components of soccer and applies them to soccer-related skills, character development, employability, and the physical demands of the game.


What I learned in Soccer in the Streets was that you need a hard work ethic to achieve your goals and dreams in life. I constantly give it my all in my games and practice and I have tried to translate that hard work ethic into everything in my life.
— Isaac F.
Many of my old friends are now behind the line because they did drugs, they did gangs, they skipped school. I started playing soccer and I stayed away from them, I couldn’t hang out with them anymore.
— Julio G.
Refereeing is my job right now while I’m in college. I learned how to network and work with different aspects of the game, like being a referee liaison and a coach through Soccer in the Streets.
— Alex V.

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